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Hello beautiful! If you are like me you know that PVC is all the rage. And if you’re not like me, that’s ok. That’s what i’m Here for. 😊

Temperatures are heating up which means festival season is right around the corner. And that’s where our featured maker excels.

Started in the Summer of 2015, Policy Handbags was birthed because of all those regulations about bags in stadiums and concert venues. Policy Handbags creates gorgeous vegan leather, clear bags that will allow you to gain access to your favorite venues and keep you stylish and on trend.

Both the purse and wallet in this season’s box are from Policy and retail for $79. That’s the cost of the entire Spring Box! But you’re not just getting the purse and wallet, you are getting earrings, a scarf and a sweet scent too.

The Box is Valued at $125.

Aren’t you glad it’s in the box? Grab yours today!


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First Posted on Shopaholic’s Closet

I love this trend and I am so glad it is back. It started making the rounds during Summer 2018 and has made it to SS19. My favorite way to wear it is shoes of course however, I have also rocked this trend as a bag.

Currently bags are the most popular way to sport the trend.

This trend consistently cycles back into spring/summer fashion. I was wearing this trend as a young college girl back in 2008. Fashion Tag wrote about the trend in 2016 (see here) and it was here last season and is going strong into this season.

It seems to be sticking around for a little while.

The Kadence Spring Box is coming and we could see this trend featured in the box!

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Originally Posted on Shopaholic's Closet

In October Kadence Box was a sponsor of The Breasties Brunch hosted by LLG Events and in November it was a sponsor of the 2nd Annual Pow(H)er awards hosted by Tene Nicole, Marketing and Public Relations

The Pow(H)er Awards were established to recognize highly-accomplished, innovative women for their achievements and improvements in their respective careers

The Awards were last Tuesday and honored the likes of Wendy Williams and Soledad O'Bien for being unappologetically Her in their respective fields.

Kadence Box was created to bring you on trend accessories from unique makers that create a story and an experience that you can share with your girlfriends.

For more information about the Pow(H)er awards check out all social using the hashtags #SupportYourGirlfriends #PowHerAwards

For more Kadence Box head over to, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest and if you want exclusive details about Kadence Box join the Facebook Group!


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