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Today we get to talk about one of my favorite trends that has carried over into the New Year...

Bucket Bags

I love this trend because they give me old school 90s vibes. I grew up as a little kid in the 90s and these types of bags were things I coveted as a child. These and big hoop earrings lol. So to see them come back is a real treat for me. It seems all my favorite trends are old school reboots lol.


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Statement earrings are a big trend this season. The bigger the better.

For more on this season's top accessory trends check out this post by Glowsly.

With that in mind I chose the Keri Earring for the Winter Box. Not only are they big, they are as unique and wonderfully different as their creator.

These earrings are handmade by Meena of Vintage Royalty Jewelry. What started out as an exercise making jewelry for herself and her friends for a night out on the town has turned into unique works of art for women to enjoy.

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I love a statement scarf especially in the winter. And a pretty brooch for my cardigans in the spring. Kimonos are a sizzling summer cover up and fall always calls for an animal print accessory.

If you are like me your accessories are seasonal. You love trends but you love pieces that can become closet staples.

But who really has the time for all that?

Enter me! Your favorite shopaholic.

As a fashion and style blogger I’m already talking trends and I love Closet staples. Let me pick for you the best accessories for the season and keep your style in perfect rhythm.

You can cancel anytime and if there is something in the box that isn’t your cup of tea just invite your friends over to shop your closet, like me.


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